March 2020 was a month that greatly impacted the whole world with the rise of Covid-19 cases across the United States. We wanted to create something to bring happiness and joy to fans who were wanting to still be experience a comic-con, but unfortunately were unable to.

Thus vShout was created.

vShout allows you to pre-order an autograph from your favorite celebrity and receive a authentication video shout-out via email after the signing is completed. Your video is the best kind of certificate of authenticity, video proof that your autograph is 100% authentic and directly from the celebrity.

We have over 100 vShout experiences live on our website at any given time, with the timeline set by the talent. Most talent will sign in waves every 6-8 weeks, but there are some who set it to longer intervals.

We hope you love our platform, and share your videos with your friends and family. Thank you for your support and we hope 2021 brings you health and happiness.



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