Closed Dani Chambers Official Zobie vShout! Autograph Pre-Order

Closed Dani Chambers Official Zobie vShout! Autograph Pre-Order

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vShout! with Dani Chambers!

We will only be offering 8x10 photos as a Presale and they are included in the price. If you want a particular franchise, please add a note in designated field.

All pre-orders include a personalized video of Dani signing your item. They will be emailed using the email on your account shortly after your order has been shipped.

Ship Mail-ins to:

Zobie vShout!

500 Century Plaza, # 150

Houston, TX 77073

Inscriptions are limited to character name only, and Personalizations are limited to "To: Name". 

Return shipping is charged at the time of purchase and your order will be shipped out within 7-10 business days after signing is completed.

Please do not hesitate to contact support at prior to paying if you have any questions.

All sales are final sale. Not eligible for promotional offers and coupons. Excluded from the Supporter Program. We reserve the right to change the deadline of any signing to best accommodate the actor's schedule. A celebrity has the right to refuse a personalization or inscription, and if that happens, we will refund you the inscription fee. They are not guaranteed. Pre-ordering autographed items in combination with other items in our store will delay shipment of the rest of your order. All orders are subject to actor's schedule. Any signing cancelled by the actor or Zobie will be refunded in full.